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About us

Popbox is a unique social networking application that uses location-based technology to bring people together. Your conversations create real connections, and the everyday interactions you have with people make you most happy. We understand that. And that’s why we believe that you shouldn’t miss out on the joy of being included and involved in such things. Popbox is real-time, in thousands of locations around the world. So go ahead and open Popbox. We think you’ll have fun!

Popbox is available worldwide

There are thousands of universities and colleges on Popbox, across North America, Europe and Asia.

Wherever you are - just open the app and get plugged in. The world is your oyster.

How Popbox works

Be involved and included

How many times have you missed a social event or the latest chatter, just because you didn’t know it was happening? Maybe you found out about it afterwards on one of your social media feeds. Nobody likes to be left out.

On Popbox, you’re tuned in to all the buzz on your university or college campus, right as it’s happening!

Be invited to the next event. Be part of the next movement. Get involved, the way you want.

Social networking.. the social way

Social media is great, but you might not feel very social in the virtual world! Sometimes you just need to meet real people, in the real world. Popbox gets that.

Popbox uses technology in a way that connects you to the people around you. Want to meet somebody for a coffee or lunch right now? Want to plan a party or get together? No problem, just shout out on Popbox and see what happens.

Life is so much better when you’re having fun with others.

It’s a small(er) world after all

Everyday you cross paths with hundreds of interesting people you don’t know. What if you had common interests with some of them? Or you had mutual friends? You never get to find out.

Well now you can find out! Popbox brings together all the people who are part of your own campus and student community under a single platform. Whether you’re looking for somebody who likes jogging, video games, or just hanging out, it’s never been so easy to make friends and meet like-minded people!

Popbox makes the world a much smaller and friendlier place.

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